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Pro Am Med 

Exceeding customer expectations in everything we do while holding ourselves to the highest industry standards at every step.

We Support



The knee is a complex joint intended to provide smooth, aligned movement when you walk or engage in physical activity.


Back Brace 
Upper & Lower

Spinal orthoses, which include neck braces and back braces, are used to stabilize and support areas of the body.



Foot and ankle braces are a common form of support to address the effects of alignment issues & nerve damage.



The wrist is a complex joint, and as such is vulnerable to injury. Not only that, but wrists can often take a long time to heal.

Orthopedic  Shoes

Fitting & Protecting With Customized Shoes

Proper, customizable diabetic shoes and inserts can help prevent serious issues and maintain future pain. Recently diagnosed with diabetes or have had it for years, Pro Am Med is here to help you through the pain.

Taking a Shower


  • How do I sign up for Pro Am Med?
    Here at Pro Am Med we want to make sure that every client is treated properly. In order to help you to the best of our ability we need to know you to the best of our ability. Feel free to contact us by either: 1. Contact us today by calling: (602) 456-0363 2. You can also email us at: 3. You can go directly to our contact page.
  • Do you accept Medicare Plans?
    Yes, we do accept most medicare plans. In order to know if you accept your medicare plan, please feel free to call us today at: Phone: (602) 456-0363
  • Are your shoes customized for each person?
    Yes, we customized all of our patience shoes to make sure they are fitted to your liking.
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